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Backup Batteries Orange County, CA

Why would I need a backup battery if I already have solar panels? Well because solar panels do not generate energy for your home during a blackout or a grid-down situation. When the grid is down, the utility company’s engineers will be working on your power lines to fix the problem, so it’s not safe for your solar system to send energy back to the grid on these power lines. This is a surprise to a lot of people; however a backup battery is the solution to this problem. If you have a solar system and battery in your home during a blackout then the energy you generate will either power your home or be used to charge your battery for later. In some cases, like with the Enphase Ensemble battery backup solution, you can do both at the same time! During normal times, when the grid is functioning, you can have your solar panels generate energy for your home to use right then, but also charge your battery for nighttime when the panels are not generating energy. The battery can then be discharged to power your home, meaning you don’t need to pull any energy from the grid at all that day. The more solar panels you have, the more energy you will generate to allow you to do this and the more battery backup you have the more energy you can store! If your battery is fully charged and your solar panels are still generating more energy than you need, you’ll send it back to the grid for credits. This is the power of having a backup battery in your home! They aren’t just extremely useful to keep your critical loads functioning during a grid down situation, they can be used to be incredibly economical, by limiting the times you pull energy from the grid. For example, instead of sending your over-generated energy back to the grid during an off-peak time (like 11am) and earning a 22c per kWh credit, you can keep the energy in your battery for later so that you don’t have to pay for it at peak times like 8pm (when your aren’t generating energy) and pay say 40c per kWh. Now you can see why home storage solutions are becoming more popular with homeowners, businesses and nonprofits! They are especially useful for those that need their medical equipment running all day, or have their medicine in the refrigerator – the battery can keep these appliances running even when the grid is unable to supply your home with electricity. We only use the best batteries on the market, like Tesla Powerwall, Enphase Encharge, LG Chem, Sonnen, SolarArk and Generac. If you are interested in a solar system and battery combo, we recommend you tell our Energy Experts this at the very start of your solar proposal presentation because they will be able to explain which solar inverters are compatible with which batteries. They don’t all work together, so we will make sure to do everything correctly to ensure you exactly what you want!



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