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Commercial Solar Orange County, CA

Can a business benefit by switching to solar? Absolutely! If you are a business owner in Orange County, we encourage you to look at the next electric bill you get. You’ll notice there’s a few surprising costs on there that you may not have expected to have to pay for. Let’s start with Demand Charges… they aren’t cheap! Why do you have to pay Demand Charges on top of the Energy Charges and Fees you already pay? As a business, your utility provider will put you on a commercial rate, and so they expect you will need more energy than everyone else. There’s only so much electricity for all of us in Southern California, so those that use more, pay a lot more for it. In fact when business owners come to us and we analyze their energy usage and costs for the last 12 months, they are shocked to see that their Demand Charges and Fees are actually more than their Energy Costs – it’s probably the same for you unfortunately! But that’s where solar comes in! We design your commercial solar system to offset as much of your energy usage as possible and work our magic to reduce your Demand Charges as much as possible, we’ll also work with your utility provider to change your rate to save you even more money. It gets better though because not only do businesses get the same 26% Federal tax credit on the total cost of their solar system as homeowners with their residential systems, they are also eligible for Federal and State depreciation tax breaks, because the solar system is a business asset. We encourage you to speak to your CPA about this because the exact amount of tax credits you qualify for are on a unique and personal basis, but we can’t wait to see the smile on your face when you see the amount! We would love to build a solar proposal for your business to show you exactly how much you pay for your electricity right now and how much you’ll save with solar. We’ll show you your tax credits and the design layout we would propose for the solar panels on your building. As a business, your main aim is to increase profits and solar will do just that. Whether you pay cash or finance your solar system, your operating costs will decrease because solar will cost less than your current monthly utility payment. If you would prefer to use your cash for other things, we’ll set you up with one of our many commercial solar finance partners to get your solar panels installed for $0 out-of-pocket for you! In other words, we’ll install your solar panels for free, then you’ll have a monthly payment for the system that is much less than your current electricity payment, plus you’ll enjoy your credits next year! Simply complete the short form below and one of our Energy Experts will reach out with a few questions before we begin preparing your solar proposal!



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