Every client is different, every home is different and so every solar system we provide is different because each and every one of our clients get their own custom-built solar system that perfectly fits their needs… and their roof! Our extensive range of solar panels, inverters, backup batteries, racking systems and all the other equipment needed to operate a powerful solar system allows us to deliver you the most efficient energy solution each and every time. We work with the top solar panel brands on the market, such as LG, Panasonic, REC, Q-cells, S-Energy, Longi and CertainTeed. Solar panels differ in size, efficiency, color, cost and degradation rates. What do we mean by solar panel degradation? Your solar panels will produce a little less each year and each brand of solar panel has a different degradation rate.

Some panels will produce 0.3% less each year and some produce 0.7% each year. This is important because we provide 25-year production warranties with our panels. In other words, if we expect your panels to produce 0.5% less each year, and after 20 years your panels are generating 15% less than they did when they were first installed, you should give us a call to check everything out because they should only be producing 10% less than they did in your first year of making the switch to solar. Our Energy Experts will show you the other pieces of equipment we need in solar, like AC and DC disconnects that keep your home safe! We also provide the best Inverter equipment on the market, such as Enphase and SolarEdge. The type of inverter you choose is important when it comes to monitoring your systems production. Our most popular inverter is the Enphase iQ7+, which are known as micro-inverters. When Enphase you’ll be able to see how much energy each individual solar panel is producing at any time of the day on your mobile app.

With SolarEdge, you get to see how the system is performing as a whole, so really your level of interest in monitoring your solar panels on your mobile app will have a factor on which inverter is best for you. The inverter you choose will also depend on which backup battery you choose, because they don’t all work together. Our Energy Experts will explain all of this in more detail to you but even if you don’t want a home backup battery now but think you will one day, your inverter selection when you go solar is important. Our range of top home batteries allows us to offer you a full suite energy solution and create the perfect package for you. We only use the best batteries on the market, like Tesla Powerwall, Enphase Encharge, LG Chem, Sonnen, SolarArk and Generac. Our Energy Experts will explain how our warranties work so that you have peace of mind knowing we always have your back and will always strive to make sure your solar panels and complete energy package are working exactly as they should be!

Solar Panels in Orange County



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