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Garden Grove homeowners, businesses and nonprofits are perfect candidates for solar because we get over 3,500 hours of sunlight every year. With increasing costs of electricity, switching to solar is the perfect way to avoid suffering these high prices. O’Hara Solar is a one-stop shop for all your solar energy needs; from solar panels, to inverters, home battery backup solutions and solar panel cleaning, we know exactly what you need. We work with a wide range of the top solar panels on the market, such as LG, Panasonic, REC, Q-cells, S-Energy and CertainTeed. We also provide the best inverter equipment, such as Enphase and SolarEdge. We only work with the best technology available because you deserve the best.

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Residential Solar in Garden Grove, CA

Our Residential Solar Team works directly with you to understand your home’s electricity demand, to design, create and install the most efficient solar system possible. Our Solar Experts answer all of your questions so you know exactly what to expect with us and how solar will change your life! Our engineers will inspect your roof to make sure it qualifies for solar and our electricians inspect your electrical equipment to see if any work is required, so you know we only do things correctly. We are qualified to do any repair work needed on your home before moving forward, so that you always work with the same team throughout the entire installation process. We provide free consultations and will provide you with a solar proposal anytime you like and of course we’ll show you how much you’ll save with solar, how much your tax credits will be and how going solar can increase the value of your home. 95% of our clients go solar for $0 out-of-pocket because our lending partners provide competitive rates to finance your solar system, so you start saving money instantly. You can also qualify for the 26% tax credit if you finance your solar system, but don’t worry we’ll explain all of that when one of our solar consultants presents your solar savings proposal to you!
Commercial Solar Orange County
Commercial Solar Orange County

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Commercial Solar in Garden Grove, CA

We also specialize in Commercial Solar for our business clients. Here in Southern California, businesses are put on Commercial rates by their utility provider, which means they don’t just pay for their energy usage, they also pay Demand Charges. As businesses uses more energy than most homes, and there’s only so much electricity to go round all of us here in Southern California, these high-consumption businesses have to pay for the luxury of always having lots of energy at their disposal, they pay big Demand Charges. Sometimes these Demand Charges are more than the actual energy costs each month, so you can see why businesses here in Southern California can really benefit from going solar. We analyze your energy usage for the past year into 15-minute intervals to help us design the most optimal solar system size for you, to offset as much of our energy and demand charges as possible. Reducing their monthly electricity costs means our business clients have more free cash to spend on more important things. Along with qualifying for the 26% federal tax credit on their solar system, businesses can also avail of Federal bonus depreciation and State depreciation on their solar asset. Monthly savings plus these awesome tax credits make commercial solar an easy decision for all businesses in Garden Grove. We also have financing partners that work with businesses, to help them go solar for $0 down, so that every business has the option to make the important move to solar!

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Nonprofit Solar in Garden Grove, CA

Nonprofits don’t get a break from their utility provider, they still pay the same high rates as the rest of us. Most nonprofits have large premises to run their operations, which means they have really high electricity bills! Churches and Schools are perfect candidates to save money with solar. Although they aren’t always able to tax advantage of the tax credits associated with going solar, we have a finance partner that will give nonprofits a 15% discount on the cost of their solar panels. We love helping our nonprofit clients go solar because we know they have much better and more important ways to spend their money on than paying their utility providers expensive rates.

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Battery Backup Solutions in Garden Grove, CA

Home batteries are great for two things:
1) keeping your home running during a grid blackout
2) most efficiently using energy in your home by storing it during off peak times to be discharged during peak times, so you don’t have to pay for electricity during the expensive times of the day.

With our increasing rolling blackouts here in Southern California, more and more homeowners, businesses and nonprofits are coming to use battery backup solutions. We have a wide range of battery brands, such as Tesla Powerwall, Enphase Encharge, LG Chem, Generac and Sonnen.

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Solar Panel Cleaning in Garden Grove

Maintaining and cleaning your solar panels is imperative to producing the maximum amount of energy and thus savings as much money as possible. Our solar panel cleaning service helps you keep your solar panels clean and shining all year round!



Giving us your business is the highest compliment possible - servicing you becomes personal for us as we take great pride in our work.


Each member of our company knows exactly what their role is. We guarantee you impeccable communication throughout the entire process.


Unlike most other solar companies, we always have the staff and installation teams ready to begin working for you immediately.

Speed of Installation

O’Hara Solar was formed to solve Garden Grove’s major problem in the solar industry of long installation times. Customers are waiting months and months to have their solar panels installed, which isn’t acceptable to us because no client should ever be forgotten about. The entire team at O’Hara Solar is always ready to work for you and to help you to start generating cleaner, more efficient and less expensive energy from the sun! We keep the solar process simple, starting from the moment you contact us. The first thing we will do is ask you for a copy of our last utility bill, and within 24-hours one of our Energy Experts will be ready to present your solar proposal. We can either do this in your home, over the phone or on Zoom. We’ll analyze your utility bill to show you exactly what you are paying your utility provider for, then we’ll show you how much you’ll save with solar. We’ll explain how the tax credits work and if you qualify for it, then we’ll show you our design, and where on your roof we believe your solar panels should be placed for maximum energy production and thus, maximum savings! We can remove and add panels on our software during your live solar presentation, so you can see all the places available for solar panels and you can tell us where you want the panels. After you’ve seen all of this, we’ll present the finance options available to you if you choose to not pay cash for your solar system and take advantage of our popular $0 out-of-pocket program. Once you are happy and we sign our solar contract, one of our engineers will come out to your house for a Site Survey. During this survey we inspect your roof, to make sure it’s good for solar. If it’s not, we’ll tell you and if needs be, our team can put a new roof on your home as part of our solar package. Our electrician will inspect your main service panel and other parts of the electrical workings of your home. After this, we draw up your solar design plans and submit them to the city for permitting. Once we have the permit, we will schedule your installation for the next day. A city inspector will come out to sign off on the project and once your utility provider gives ‘Permission To Operate’, you’re officially running your home on solar energy! We don’t waste any time at any point of this process, which is why we are the fastest solar installer in Garden Grove.