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Nonprofit Solar Orange County, CA

Did you know that nonprofits can benefit from going solar? Of course they can because nonprofits still have to pay their electricity bill to keep the lights on! The problem is that nonprofits like churches, schools and other charitable organizations have big buildings and thus big electric bills, but we know their money is much better spent elsewhere and not paying their utility providers ever increasing rates! This is why solar is a game-changer for nonprofits. Just like a home or a business, generating your own energy from the sun is much cheaper and so instantly keeps more of your money in your bank account. Most nonprofits do not have a tax appetite, so the tax credits associated with solar are of no use to them (unlike a homeowner or a business that goes solar). This again is where O’Hara Solar can help! We have several finance partners that will give the nonprofit a 15% discount off the total cost of their solar system because they know they can’t use the tax credit! If the nonprofit chooses to pay for their solar system in cash then great, but if not our finance partners will help out there too! We have a $0 out-of-pocket program for nonprofits to help them get their solar panels installed for free and to ensure their solar payment is much less than their utility payment, so that they have more money each month to help run their operations! This goes for all churches, schools and charities! We have worked with many of each and they all love how solar has allowed them to save more money that can be used to help people in need. We use the same top-quality solar panels, inverters, backup storage batteries and equipment with our nonprofits clients as we do with our homeowners and business clients. We get a lot of churches that feel pressure from the community to go solar to protect our planet, so we work diligently to make sure your community knows you care! The reason we are the best solar company in Orange County is because we understand your needs and we know that if you are reaching out to us to ask about solar, it’s because you want to save money and want your questions answered. This is why we get to work immediately, and we get your solar panels installed faster than anyone else! You’ll never be waiting on us for anything! If you are part of a nonprofit organization we would love to discuss your solar options with you and work with you to achieve the wonderful goal of having your own energy producing system on your roof (or anywhere on your property) to take back control of your expenses and give you more money to use to continue your awesome work! Simply complete the short form below so that we can assess your building and give you a call to see if we need anything else because we create your free solar proousal.



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