Plans & Financing

Plans & Financing

You don’t have to pay cash for your solar panels! You can, but you can also take advantage of our $0 out-of-pocket program. Instead of you paying up front for your solar system, you can finance it and make a monthly payment to your solar loan. The best part about financing your solar system is that you are still able to claim the full 26% Federal tax credit the following tax year, as long as you are eligible – our Energy Experts can explain this to you in more detail. Let’s say your current monthly utility payment averages $200 a month, well we can structure your solar loan payment at $100 a month, so you’ll get your panels installed for $0, you’ll save $100 every month AND can claim the full tax credit! If your solar system is installed in 2021, you can claim the tax credit on your taxes in 2022.
We have partnered with the biggest solar lenders in the nation, such as LoanPal, Sunlight, Mosaic, and Energy Loan Network. Offering our clients the ability to go solar for $0 out-of-pocket and getting them interest rates as low as 0.99% is the reason O’Hara Solar is the leader in Orange County residential and commercial solar. Everyone can go solar with our No Money Down solar package! Our extensive range of financing options also allows us to offer our ‘Solar and Roof Combo’ for $0 down too! That’s right, with O’Hara Solar you can get a brand-new roof and a powerful solar system for absolutely nothing out of your pocket! Paying cash or financing your solar system means you are the owner if the panels, so you are the one that is able to claim the tax credit, but we understand that there are lots of homeowners in Orange County that aren’t able to take advantage of the tax credit, which is why we also offer the best solar Lease and Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) on the market through Sunrun.

You do not own the solar panels with either of these options. With a lease, your monthly payment is to lease the solar panels and to enjoy all of the energy they create but with a Power Purchase Agreement, you aren’t paying for the panels, you are paying for the energy they generate for you at an agreed rate (which is much lower than what your utility is currently charging you). Our competitive lease and PPA programs are perfect for homeowners on fixed income who really want the lowest possible energy payment, or for those who cannot avail of the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC). Our Energy Experts will present all your options and will guide you to the best solar solution for your circumstances and what you want to achieve by making this excellent decision. No matter which option you choose, O’Hara Solar is dedicated to making sure you always smile when you look up and see your shiny solar panels and the money they are saving you each month!



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