Production Monitoring

Production Monitoring

How do you know if your panels are working? How do you know if they are generating the amount of energy we say they will? There’s two ways! The first is your monthly utility bill, very simply if your utility bill isn’t as low as you expect it to be after going solar then that’s a sign your solar system might not be doing its job perfectly. Of course, if you use a lot more energy in a particular month than normal, you probably got a higher bill the next month for that reason and not because your panels aren’t producing what they should however we encourage you to contact us at any point so that we can look at your bill and determine whether we need to have a look at your solar system or if everything is fine. We pride ourselves on our impeccable customer service and customer satisfaction, so our Energy Experts will always be there to answer your questions.

The second way to know if your panels are generating the energy we expect them to is through the monitoring mobile app we provide you with. If your solar system comes with Enphase inverters, your monitoring app will be Enphase Enlighten and if you opt for a SolarEdge inverter instead, your mobile monitoring app will be SolarEdge. Enphase are micro-inverters, meaning you can monitor each panel individually whereas SolarEdge will show you the entire systems production at any point. Whichever inverter you choose, you’ll always be able to see exactly how your system is performing. Our clients love seeing how much energy they produce in a given month and then comparing that number to the amount of electricity they paid their utility provider for in the same month year prior, and the results always put a smile on their faces!

When the sun shines on your solar panels, the generate Direct Current (DC) electricity, but your home only works on Alternating Current (AC) so it has to be converted from DC to AC before it reach your main electrical panel and feeds energy to the appliances you are using in your home at that exact time. This is the inverters job and this is how we are able to show you exactly how much DC is converted to AC by your panels. The image below is an example of what one of our clients, who uses Enphase iQ7+ inverters with his solar panels saw today when he logged into his app. Last year in April 2020, he used on average 30kWh a day that he had to purchase from South California Edison, well on this day in April his solar system generated 42.39kWh – so he knows he didn’t have to pay his utility provider Edison on this day. This is a successful solar system and we can’t wait for you to have the same! Click below to get your free solar proposal so we can help you have your own powerful energy generating system!



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