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When we sign a solar contract with a client, the first thing we do is perform a Site Survey at their property. The most important part of this process is when we inspect your roof to make sure it is in good shape and ready for solar. We would never install solar panels on your home knowing that you will need a new roof soon because it will cost you more money to have the panels removed and put back on later when you have the roof replaced. If our engineers determine that it would not be a good idea for us to install on your current roof, we would give you the option to include a new roof into your solar contract. Our team of professional roofers will work with you to determine what type of roof you would like and then we all work together to make the process seamless – to keep our promise of being the fastest solar installer in Orange County. You may have a composite shingle roof right now but would prefer a nicer concrete tile roof instead, well we can do that. The best part about having us put a new roof on your home at the same time as going solar is that your 26% tax credit will be based on the full contract amount with us, which will include the cost of your new roof! Our solar panels come with a 25-year warranty, so you know your new roof will last just as long, meaning you won’t have to go through the process of taking the panels off at a later date to put another new roof on. Our clients love having this peace of mind. Given that we have a team of professional roofers, we also offer a Roof-Only service. If you choose not to go solar but would still like a new roof, that’s no problem! We’ll have a member of our roofing team come out to your home to measure the roof and discuss the type of roof you would like and then we’ll send your roofing estimate over to you. We install roofs just as quick as we install solar systems for our clients, so we’ll get started whenever you’re ready! You can always give us a call later if you decide to go solar and because it was us that installed your new roof, we know everything will be perfect by the time we begin to install your solar panel. We work with all the major roofing supply companies, like American Eagle and Boral to give you a wide range of choices so you know you’re going to get a beautiful new roof that is installed by our professionals. Simply complete the short form below and so that one of our roofers can give you a call to organize a date to come out and measure your roof.



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