Solar in Orange County

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Solar in Orange County

Orange County gets 3,500+ hours of sunlight every single year! We have big homes, big roofs and big electricity bills here. Orange County homeowners are going solar like never before because it’s a quick and easy solution to a major problem; increasing rates by Southern California Edison. Have you noticed that your rates have gone up? Are you receiving a better service for this increase in costs? No you’re not. Now is the time to take advantage of all the opportunities solar and energy solutions provide. We encourage you to at least get a free solar assessment from us so that we can show you what your savings will be each month, the tax credit you will be eligible for and how much solar can increase the value of your home. Our Energy Experts only need 30-minutes to completely analyze your homes’ energy needs and show you how switching to solar can be one of the best decisions you ever make.

The perfect example of how beneficial switching to solar can be is the Rent versus Buy argument. Not going solar and continuing to pay Southern California Edison whatever they want to charge you is the same as your renting your home from a landlord that increases your rent every year – you’ll pay the landlord forever. By purchasing a home, not only did you lock in a consistent mortgage payment, you’ll eventually own the asset and no longer have to pay anything, yet still get the full benefits of your beautiful paid off house. Going solar is no different; you finance your solar system the same way you financed your home and you’ll pay it off for less than what you would otherwise have paid Southern California Edison. The cherry on top is the fact you get a 26% tax credit with solar, even if you pay for your panels monthly!

The longer you wait to go solar the longer you wait to start saving money by not ‘owning the asset’ and availing of the cheaper cost of energy and being in full control. Businesses and nonprofits in Orange County are no different, they too must pay the increasing electricity rates of their utility provider, which are often a lot more expensive than what homeowners pay on residential rates. Businesses, churches, schools and all charitable organizations that operate out of a commercial property need to consider solar as a way to instantly improve cash flow to be used for something more important, like hiring more employees or investing in new equipment. O’Hara Solar has experience in working with every single type property owner and entity and knows exactly how to help them make the important switch to solar to help them save money and take back control of their energy expenses and no longer be afraid to open their monthly Southern California Edison bill! We want you to be excited to open your bill and see how much money you’ve saved each and every month! Our Orange County Energy Experts are excited to talk with you and build your free solar proposal today!



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